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I never thought I would have a family”

Because of his addiction, 38-year-old Bishop Roger Formigoni, explains that he never thought about getting married, even less so about having a family. What he didn’t know, is that the love of his life lived very close to him, right up the street from his home. In that exact moment, a union happened between himself and his wife, Ana Claudia Formigoni because they discovered the secret to finding the special person.

My parents became desperate and wanted me to go home. In the meantime, I was invited to the UCKG, where I found out who was responsible for the addiction and destruction in my life, which was filled with sorrow, fear and depression.

When I first attended a UCKG meeting, something caught my attention: I saw someone possessed by a spirit, revealing that he was the one behind that addiction. At that time, I understood who was responsible for ruining my life. Since that moment, I chose to go to the church every day, because I wanted to be free. Less than a month after that, I decided to give up that life once and for all. In a prayer, I told God: “I will never disappoint you again”. On that same day, a friend gave me a bag full of crack as a “gift”, and I told him that I didn’t want it and that I had met Someone stronger than crack. When I decided to surrender, something changed inside of me. I wanted to help others.

Even at that time, a voice used to whisper in my ear every 30 minutes: “Try it just one more time and then you can quit”. It took me three sleepless nights; every time I felt the urge, I would pray. On the third day, it felt like I had never tried any kind of drug before. I was free.
Due to the epidemic of addiction that has been affecting all

social classes, God has given Bishop Macedo this direction to start a fight against addiction. Therefore, he left me in charge of this project, especially because I am a former addict. Both the addict and his family can now be aware that, if they didn’t have a choice before, they do now. Whoever comes to the Breaking the Habit meeting and takes action on what is said, they will be completely free from addiction


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