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How does it happen?

Pastor Roland demonstrates how the Therapy works in order to free you from your addictions. You will come to understand the truth behind harmful habits that seem beyond your control; you will also learn how addiction ruins the lives and thoughts of those who are addicted, and what to do to get rid of this evil.

Discipline applied based on the teachings of Pastor Roland, together with a deep desire to be free, will lead you to a solution.

In this treatment, you can count on a team of assistants and pastors who are prepared to guide you.

In addition to an excellent sense of how to deal with addictions, you will also get to know the friendly and dedicated human being behind the Therapy, Pastor Roland, a man of God who dedicates his life to saving people who are lost in the world of addiction. These characteristics provide an environment in which everyone feels free to talk about their pain and their problems – characteristics that ensure that you will always be welcomed with respect and without prejudice.

Pastor Roland and his team of assistants offer you specific advice after the Therapy.

Who goes to the Therapy?

The Therapy is attended by hundreds of people who are suffering from the consequences of addiction, who have sought help in many places but have not achieved a positive outcome. Many arrive in desperation, without hope and not knowing where else to go for help.

– People who suffer from any type of addiction, such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, prostitution, and gambling.

– The family and friends of the person addicted, who are willing to help their loved one get rid of their addiction.

– Individuals searching for more information about addiction in order to prevent this evil from entering their lives or those of their families.

– People of any and all religions.

Where does the Therapy happen?
Held by Pastor Roland, Breaking The Habit meetings take place every Sunday at 4pm at 232 Seven Sisters Road, London, N4 3NX.

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