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In The Mind of an Addict and the 5 Steps to Freedom, Roger Formigoni – best-selling author of over two million books – explains, from his own experience, the five-step method used in the social work of our Breaking The Habit meetings. Here, the reader will find the assistance and direction needed in the fight against the chemical and psychological addictions that affect the addict. Read the book, whilst understanding the mind of an addict, help your loved one or friend to be set free. Roger Formigoni has been using his experiences about how to deal with addiction in order to provide guidance for family members and friends of those affected by the evil spirit that leads them to substance dependence and self-destructive habits. The Mind of an Addict presents the reader with the five-step method, which shows the truth about the mechanics of domination from addiction. The mistake of surrendering to addiction might not seem like a big deal in the beginning, but it can lead to a snowball effect that, after a while, drives your loved one or friend to lose his or her dignity and self-control, leading him or her to face severe consequences, including death. Help them to be set free! Get to know the mind of an addict from within.

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