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“Why I Believe there’s a Cure for Addiction”

Roger Formigoni with the last rock book

Roger Formigoni

Tongues are wagging at the bold claim that a person could be “cured of habits you were not born with.” In the bestselling book, The Last Rock, world-renowned author and motivational speaker, Roger Formigoni uncovers some thought provoking truths about addictions and how to beat them.

“An addiction is a slavery that transforms a person’s behavior in an extremely negative manner,” He says. “An addict is driven to do whatever it takes to feed their habit irrespective of how bad, immoral and harmful it may be. Though this irresponsible and often life-threatening behavior only brings pain to him/herself and to those they live with, they never quite seem to get the strength to beat it on their own. How do I know this? Because I, Roger Formigoni, was one of them.

I come from a relatively good background but I gave in to temptation that lead me down a very dark road. To say that my addiction was bad would be an understatement.

I was so hooked that I got to the point of smoking over one hundred rocks of crack in one night. I bought cocaine and marijuana by the kilo to use in endless wild parties. It was a risk few people would take but this is what happens when you are an addict – you lose control. It’s like a disease that some would say has no cure but I don’t believe this. I’m living proof of it. It was through sessions at the UCKG HelpCentre that I understood why the path of addiction would never bring any real benefit. It’s also there that I was taught to tap into a power I never knew I’d always had and it’s this that empowered me toget clean.

Today, I help others do the same through the Breaking the Habit (BTH) sessions. I dedicate myself, body and soul, to helping those who want to break free from addictions – like I did some years back.”

Roger Formigoni heads the Breaking The Habit meetings across the globe not only sharing his story but also revealing the secret to getting clean from any addiction.

In The Last Rock, you will get an insight into this journey of change but why stop there?

Join our Breaking The Habit Meeting this Sunday and find the strength to get clean once and for all.

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