21 reasons

1. I tried to fill the void I had inside with cigarettes and alcohol There are people who have been looking for help for a long time. They turn on the TV and watch us saying and showing how they can be free, yet they remain sitting at home, with their arms crossed and taking […]

Addiction has many destabilising effects, which are not only experienced by the addicts but also their family and friends. From depression to loneliness, many individuals become slaves to addiction, and their ability and willingness to live fulfilled lives are reduced. Some other effects that addicts may experience include: Unemployment Divorce Changed behaviour towards family and […]

When an addiction takes over, it will often seem like there is no way out. At times, you feel like you have been taken captive, and you end up at risk of becoming obsessed with something that could potentially ruin your life; you become so accustomed to depending on your bad habits that you eventually […]