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21 reasons

1. I tried to fill the void I had inside with cigarettes and alcohol

There are people who have been looking for help for a long time. They turn on the TV and watch us saying and showing how they can be free, yet they remain sitting at home, with their arms crossed and taking no action!

“From as young as 12, I was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, and used them to try and fill the void I had inside. But, after attending the ACT meetings, I realised I was not a lost cause, and have since managed to quit all my addictions.”

Fernando Faria


2. Alcohol and drug addiction led me down the wrong path

It is one thing to keep on suffering because you do not know what to do to end your addiction, where to seek help, or about the Addiction Cleansing Therapy, but it is quite another thing to know what to do, and remain suffering after reading this newspaper!

“As a rebellious teenager, my life was heading down the wrong path because of my alcohol and drug addiction. But, after I committed to receiving help at the UCKG, the desires gradually left me.”

Aldemar de Jesus


3. Cocaine was destroying my life

Someone must fight on behalf of those who are suffering from addictions, and we are here to help. We have a method that removes the addiction by the root, but our method relies on the positive attitude of the person attending the ACT.

“I had no control over my cocaine addiction; once I had the urge, I had to get my x immediately, and it was destroying my marriage. After receiving powerful encouragement from the UCKG, I stopped feeling any desire to take drugs.”

Ricardo Perestrelo


4. When pornography comes in-between love

What characterises and proves the effectiveness of ACT is the addicts’ change of behaviour. This change enables them to restore every area of their lives, step by step!

“My partner’s addiction to pornography built a wall between us. Through the support offered at the UCKG, his addiction stopped.”

Sandra Vasconcelos


5. I struggled with several addictions

Certain establishments only treat the effect of the substance, which is not effective in the long term.

We, however, have a method that works because it removes the cause of addiction – whatever produces the desire.

“I developed several addictions, gambling being one of them. At the UCKG, I gained the strength to reject my addictions.”

Robert Owusu


6. 20 years hooked on cocaine and weed

One of the addict’s biggest problems is when they reach the stage of wanting to stop, but are not able to. 

“After 20 years of being hooked on weed and cocaine, the support and faith I built at the UCKG helped me get clean!”

Jefferson Oliveira


7. I tried to quit smoking, but I couldn’t

Other rehabilitation options often overload the addicts and their family members with THEORETICAL INFORMATION. They can even learn how to deal with the situation, which they call CHEMICAL DEPENDENCE CONTROL, but this does not solve the underlying problem. These recovering addicts often live without using the substance, but at any moment may have a relapse.

We have a spiritual method that goes straight to the root of the problem, and thereby provides an enduring solution. 

“I desperately tried to quit smoking by keeping myself busy. However, it was the UCKG that helped me to find the cause of my addiction and quit.”

Halatash Curtis


8. When pornography takes over

We are not saying that addiction will cease to exist in the UK, but it will cease to exist in the lives of those who come to the ACT meeting!

“One habit that I always had trouble shaking off was pornography. But thanks to the meetings at the UCKG, I no longer have the urge.”

Duncan Muchira


9. I was addicted to alcohol for 12 years

Most people become addicted to escaping from a problem they are suffering with; however, without them realising, time goes by and they are faced with an even bigger problem, which is the chemical addiction. Addiction brings a lot of other problems with it!

But, once the spirit of addiction is removed, the addict can find freedom, and other related problems can also be brought to an end.

“After 12 years of being addicted to alcohol, I finally got clean after attending the meetings at the UCKG!”

Yasmin Peña


10. I used alcohol to cope with my past

ACT covers both the addict and their family members. 

“After several years of being dependent on alcohol to cope with the distressing events in my past, I finally found peace after attending my first meeting at the UCKG. I have been clean for over 20 years now.”

Julie Tedeschi


11. Growing up with addiction

Family members of addicts do not absorb the substance, but end up suffering as much as the addict does because they absorb the consequences of the negative behaviour of the addict. 

“My addictions started at a young age – smoking at the age of 12, and ecstasy from the age of 16. I eventually went on to try cocaine. Through the support and guidance of the Addiction Cleansing Therapy (ACT), I was able to overcome my addictions.”

Elisa Bosepa


12. Alcohol addiction nearly ripped my family apart

Not everyone is addicted to a substance, but most know an addict or a family member of an addict. This is the opportunity to invite this addict or family member to come to this event!

“When my drinking spiralled out of control, it put a strain on my family. The UCKG helped me get to the root of my problem and taught me practical steps so that I could become unchained from my addiction.”

Nixon de Abreu


13. Gaming took control of my life

Certain treatments aim to remove the drug from the addict. However, Addiction Cleansing Therapy removes the addict from the drug, which consists of recovery, followed by a change in behaviour.

“What simply started as passing the time turned into an addiction. Gaming controlled my life. Upon finding the UCKG, I received great advice on how to get my life back on track and although it was hard work, I was freed from my addiction.”

Ema Abdi


14. I consumed £40 worth of weed in one day

Those who are currently trapped and dominated by addiction never imagined at first that they would become addicts. However, they end up deluding themselves and become addicted to the point of putting the rest of their lives on hold in order to live by the substance. However, there is a way out of this maze.

“I consumed up to £40 worth of weed in one day. After coming to the UCKG, I gradually gained the courage to stop smoking and today, I am no longer an addict. I am a much happier person who is trying to help as many people as possible to overcome their problems.”

Elijah Sonupe


15. Medication became my addiction

ACT is not just another attempt to recover, but an opportunity for those who want to put an end to addiction. If the addict or the family member truly wants a lasting solution, the only way is through the method we presenting to you here. It goes to the root of addiction and removes the desire to abuse any substance.

“The medication that was supposed to guide me back to good health eventually turned into an addiction. I was taking more than was necessary; my addiction was ruining my life. But, at a meeting like this, I received strong, prayerful support that helped me to get clean.”

Anabela Iqbal


16. Gambling put me in £40 000 debt

There are three stages to our programme: Recovery, change of behaviour and change of areas of life. These lead to a complete trans- formation. Therefore, it is necessary that the person involved does not stop attending the therapy sessions!

“Years of gambling left me with a £40,000 debt. The ACT meetings, however, were my steps to recovery; they pushed me to see positive results. Today, I’m debt-free; I don’t play the lottery and I manage my money much better.”

Aminata Fofanah


17. When alcohol comes in-between love…

A certain profession tells family members that the addict has to suffer in order to realise that he needs to ask for help! But, we cannot forget that the spirit of addiction blinds the addict and makes them think that addiction does them good! The family has to fight for the addict, even if the addict does not ask for help! We offer a method whereby the family can represent their addicted loved ones and, through their persistence, the addict can become clean!

“Although I loved my husband, his obsession with alcohol was destroying our marriage. After speaking to an adviser at the UCKG, I was determined to save our marriage. It has now been 17 years since my husband has touched any alcohol.”

Ronie Samuel


18. Becoming a victim of gambling

From our side, there is nothing to prevent an addict from going clean indefinitely because ACT doesn’t require HOSPITALISATION, MEDICATION, OR ANY COSTS. The only barriers that can prevent them from recovering are those they set themselves in order to not come to ACT!

“Years of gambling left me with a £3000 debt, but after a few months of receiving help at the UCKG, I was able to leave the addiction behind and rebuild my life.”

Kevin Ramen


19. Drinking my life away

There are many ways to make an addict go clean just for one day, but this only gives them and their family members a false sense of peace. There is only one way for an addict to stay clean for good; only then can the addict and their family find true peace.

“I was easily able to consume a case of 24 beers, three to four times over. I was drinking my life away. But at the UCKG, I got all my answers. This place freed me from my addiction.”

Andrew O’Keefe


20. Using alcohol to fill my emptiness

When someone comes to our ACT sessions and sees the cause of 2 addiction with their own eyes, they start to implement the discipline
that we teach, and never again accept to fight with the strength of their own arms!

“The absence of love and attention caused me to rely on alcohol, and it wasn’t until I attended the UCKG that I learnt how to withdraw completely.”

Shantee Barker


21. I smoked 80 cigarettes a day

One thing that’s worse than the suffering caused by the addiction, is the feeling of helplessness that the addict and their family members have when they go to a clinic, only to be told that addiction is an incurable disease.

“I used to smoke 80 cigarettes a day to help numb the pain I was feeling after the loss of my mother. Today I have been clean for 15 years; my life was renewed.”

Samuel Danquah


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