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4-inFrom the age of 20, I lived a dissolute life, I spent nights in parties and got involved with several men, including bandits. Drugs were also a part of my life – cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, marijuana and many others. I learnt how
to use weapons, to rob and to do trafficking. I had no limits.

I was threatened to death several times and the police were always after me, but even so, I was not afraid of anything and would always say that I had nothing to lose. I felt empty and thought I would never change. When I found out about the meetings in the UCKG HelpCentre, mainly the Friday meetings, I took the opportunity.

Through participating in the meetings, I gained the strength to stay away from negative influences and was also freed from the addictions. I started from scratch and my life took another turn. Today I am completely free, I have a family, a job and I am very happy.

Leila Almeida

During the ACT meeting, besides receiving the treatment, you will learn how to use your inner power to combat the spirit of addiction and find peace of mind. 

For more info, please contact our 24hr Helpline on 020 7686 6000 or email

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