Will the New Year see an end to your addiction?


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 16.30.29The festive season is a time where school is out, shopping centres are packed and when party season begins. Everyone looks forward to presents, food and booze.

Sadly, the holidays trigger both good and bad forms of stress and emotions for some who can’t cope with problems that have lasted throughout the year. They don’t just resort to indulging in food, but drown themselves in alcohol and drugs.

Worst of all, the holiday season can be a huge distraction and may be overwhelming for individuals who are recovering from an addiction.

During this time, there are addicts who believe that the New Year will bring a fresh start and that they will quit their addiction. However, the sad thing about resolutions is that unless one is determined, they usually end up falling back on their words and into old habits again.

During this season, we are here and ready to help! No matter what your case is, we believe in you. We believe you can beat this addiction. How? Find out this Sunday at 4pm from someone who has years of experience of not only struggling with addiction, but also finding the strength needed to quit.

Don’t be part of these statistics; decide today that you can do it!


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