When you feel like there’s no way out, what do you do?

February 3, 2016 

in2Ricardo couldn’t go an hour without a fix. His marriage was a disaster because his wife, Carla, resented him for what he had become. Family life was non-existent.

Carla: “He wasn’t the man I married and, though I begged him to stop, he never would. If it hadn’t been for our daughter, I would have walked out on him.”

Ricardo: “I knew that it was destroying my marriage, but it seemed impossible for me to stop. I had no control over it; once I had the urge, I had to get my fix urgently. It became part of me. My wife was now sleeping in my daughter’s room. There was no intimacy between us and this made me sink deeper into my addiction.”

Things only started to change when Ricardo realised that he needed to change his ways and this became the pivotal moment for him.

Ricardo: “I was taught something different at the UCKG HelpCentre. I paid close attention to everything they would say at the sessions and I would apply them to my life.

In time, I noticed that I didn’t smoke a “spliff” as I had done every morning for twenty years! I didn’t have the desire to and was so happy with myself that I went home and flushed away all the drugs that I had.”

That was over two years ago and today Ricardo is a loving husband, who now has a successful business.

Ricardo: “My love for my wife grows every day. If it wasn’t for the powerful encouragement I received at the HelpCentre, my life would have been much worse.”

Carla and Ricardo Perestrelo

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