The reason why I didn’t die

May 12, 2016 

in2I was 12 years old when I became addicted to cigarettes and alcohol.

It started because of the example I saw in the people closest to me; they were doing it, so it didn’t seem wrong. They thought that I only liked to drink, but I would also smoke behind their backs. At 16, I got into drugs. I took cocaine, heroin, crack and even tablets. Whatever came into my hands is what I would take.

I thought the high I got from the drugs and alcohol would help to fill the unexplainable void that I felt inside, but as soon as I’d downed the last
drop or snorted the final line, I realised it didn’t. I was still empty and would become even more depressed because of that.

It got to a point where I’d had enough of who I’d become and wanted to end all the suffering. I self-harmed and I also sat on a train track, but thankfully, there was always something holding me back from taking my life.

I was at rock bottom when a family member invited me to the UCKG HelpCentre. The funny thing is, I used to walk past the building so often, but had never stepped foot inside, until the day I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

I started attending the Addiction Cleansing Therapy, and put everything that I learnt into practice from the first day because I understood that I’m not a lost case and that there is a solution to addiction. It took time, but I was gradually able to come off of the drugs and alcohol. Today my life is completely different because I learned how to fight against the root of addiction. Today, I am free from all the addictions I had and am no longer depressed. I am happy, I work and I am about to get married. Now I understand why I didn’t die; God had a plan for my life.

Now that I am free, I am now strong enough to fight for my family. This is why I still attend the ACT meetings on their behalf.

Fernando Faria

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