The power of the word

February 3, 2016 


Countless times, we find ourselves not considering the words that we say towards others and towards ourselves. Research has proven that negative words we say affect us physically and emotionally, more than towards other people.*

So why do we do it? Perhaps out of frustration, anger or to fill a void and our verbal expression is needed, although it may not be beneficial. A
mother’s great sorrow can be caused by the harsh words of her child. An employee may feel frustrated after the bosses’ condemning burst of anger. The loving couple can quickly turn into enemies, perhaps from a misunderstanding in speech, and these are but just a few examples of how our negative words affect others drastically. Turn each of these past examples into a positive perspective with positive words being used, and you will get opposite results.

However, knowing the effect this has on others, many intentionally, or unintentionally, wield this negatively towards themselves. It’s damaging to self-esteem and consequently, becomes a fact to us, since that’s what we believe regardless of anyone saying the contrary.

“I’m too ugly”… “I’m uneducated”…”It’s my fault the relationship ended”… “I can’t be free from this addiction”… and many other examples bring a heavy burden upon our shoulders.

We are and become what we say.

So how can a person who’s downgraded himself or herself find confidence in declaring positivity for their life? How would somebody who is dreary encounter encouragement to affirm good things for themselves?

Use God’s Word—its positivity and its truth—to proclaim good things in your life. If ever you needed a place where you can just indulge in positivity, then Sunday at 6pm, for the Addiction Cleansing Therapy is the place for you.



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