The last-ditch attempt that saved my life!

December 23, 2015 

afterI wasn’t able to get over her death, and as I grew older I became more rebellious to what I knew was good for me. At the age of 15, I decided to follow the rude boy culture in school, as it was the only way for me to be noticed and understood.

I began playing truant in school, hanging around with boys who were in gangs, although I didn’t get too involved. I began masturbating from the age of eight and started smoking weed at 15, to which I became heavily addicted. From then on, life only went from bad to worse…

By 29, I’d had several casual and long-term relationships with women. I was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. I had seven near-death experiences with drug overdoses. I remember being heavily drunk twice and nearly drowning in the sea because of it. I would go clubbing and partying all across the country and even abroad!

I also suffered with spiritual problems where I couldn’t sleep at night. I would be strangled in my sleep and be left breathless. This was my last straw.

The last-ditch attempt that saved my life was the help I received at the UCKG HelpCentre through similar meetings such as the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. It was here that I received guidance to help me battle my addictions head on. It wasn’t an easy road and I had to go along to quite a few sessions, but as I dug deeper to the root of my addictions, which narrowed down to the loss of my mother, I got the strength to let go of the pain and start again. After doing so, I quit smoking, drugs, masturbation and alcohol.

Today I smile because I am a completely new man, happily married, working in a great job and building a positive future for my family.

Samuel Danquah

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