Making your hopes and dreams a reality

January 13, 2016 


You probably already understand that everything starts with a vision. So, let’s begin to understand how to create a vision for your life. The time has come to apply the knowledge you have. So let’s roll up our sleeves, or better yet, let’s put our pens to paper.

On a sheet of paper, list all the things you would like to achieve/to be/to have in life. There’s no limit to how many things you write. Let your wishes flow. As long as you really want them and have at least the smallest amount of faith and hope that it can become a reality one day, then put it down on paper.

Go ahead and write things about every area of your life: family, love life, spiritual, financial, educational, health and physical condition, career or business, etc.

Now you’re ready to take the next step: Prioritise the four most important things on the list that you wrote (especially being clean from the addiction).

Review the list again. Out of everything you wrote and saw, what are the most important things that you would like to achieve? Write an “x” next to them. You’ll most likely notice that there are things you can’t achieve before others—in other words, there’s a natural order of things that have to be followed. You’ll then see that some things are more significant than others. Once they’re conquered, the smaller ones will practically follow along as a consequence. Some things are more urgent and others can wait. And there are even some that will bring greater benefits and satisfaction.

In short, you will prioritise, using the above criteria, and focus your strength on four things maximum. One or two is not enough, three or four is good, more than this would be too much to pursue at one time.

So, showing no mercy, and strictly using your intelligence, look at your list and define the four things that you will prioritise and fight to achieve.

Don’t forget that everything should have a deadline—the date you intend to accomplish it (they can be different dates.)

With this, you will get closer to reaching your goals, being free from the addiction and dreams daily.


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