Kicking my habits to the kerb


2inIt’s been a year and half since Ariel and Mariana were able to enjoy each other’s company again. The married couple were pushed to breaking point because of Ariel’s addictions.

Ariel: I was addicted to cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, pornography, marijuana and acid. I wasted seven years of my life indulging myself in these.

Mariana: Ariel would spend more than £2000 on drugs every month, but wouldn’t give me any money. I often had to hide his wallet under our baby’s bedcovers to keep it from him. He would tell me that he was going to change and I would believe him, but then would stay the same. He used to tell me that it was his money and if I didn´t agree the door was open for me to leave… and one day I did! We were lacking so much at home that I’d simply had enough so, I left him. But not even that was enough to stop him from taking drugs.

Ariel: That was actually my worst moment. I would hang around the corner from my house, sniffing cocaine, feeling nothing. People would speak to me, but my mind was on Mariana. I became very sick, but could not stop taking drugs.

I came to a Get Clean Event feeling like a lost case. But what I experienced there was incredible. Ever since that day, I have been attending the Addiction Cleansing Therapy meetings, which have helped me kick my addictions to the kerb. Today, I am a new man; I’ve made a complete 180-degree turn. Mariana and I eventually got back together because she saw the changes in me.

Today, we use money to enjoy quality time as a family. My children don’t lack a thing now and we’re very happy.

Ariel & Mariana

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