It tore us apart


inMy family was at breaking point, and my addiction to smoking just aggravated every problem we already had. As the man of the household, I was to do things on my own and make ends meet, but with each month that passed, we were getting more and more desperate.

To makes things more difficult, I was always wasting money on cigarettes. It somehow always got the better of me.

But one morning, I came across a TV programme of the UCKG HelpCentre. I found it to be quite interesting and related to what was on the programme. I visited the centre local to my area and spoke to an adviser who encouraged me to take part in a chain of prayer. I found the meetings so helpful and it helped me beat my addiction and unite my family again. During that time, I also progressed financially and now work as a specialist in a well-established company. Beating my addiction was worth it!  Paulo Antunes

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