International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking Event

July 6, 2016 


The Addiction Cleansing Therapy meeting that took place on Sunday, 26th June (International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking) welcomed those who were suffering from addictions and those who came on behalf of a family member who was facing addictions.

The meeting, led by Pastor Roland Schlenker, encouraged members to believe that they or the person they were representing could be free from addiction – no matter where in the world that family member may be – because addiction is a spirit and is not limited to the physical world.

A lady shared her testimony about a family member in another country whom she was fighting for. Through her faith, that family member was completely freed from their addictions.

There was another attendee who came to the meeting addicted to cigarettes; however, after receiving the prayer, they completely lost the desire to smoke. Everyone present witnessed the ‘before’ and ‘after’ happening right before their eyes. There were also others who received their freedom on the same day.

Individuals shared how much they had lost because of their addiction. And it was determined that God would give them much more than they had lost because of this addiction, including self-dignity to restored relationships and financial success.

The people were encouraged to hold onto their faith, by continuing to fight for their freedom (or of those whom they were fighting for) until they saw a complete change. Because this is faith – when you believe in what you have not yet seen.

Those who attended on behalf of a family member were encouraged to attend these meetings as if they were the family member themselves. Representatives from the branches also received the blessing to take back to their branch.

The event truly opened the eyes of many and restored hope to all who thought that addiction was the end. It was a truly incredible meeting.

I realised that it’s not only about the substance that the person is addicted to, but when the person begins to depend on something, the mind becomes subject to that thing and that’s how the spirit of addiction enters.” -Titlola Agboluaje

I understood that it’s a spirit that controls the mind of addicts and it’s not by their own desire. This is evident when the spirit of addiction is removed and the person gains control over their mind and is no longer addicted.” Jennifer Amponsah



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