I lived on weed


shanon-SchThey are usually the life and soul of a party, the bored thrill-seekers, the accidental experimenters or more commonly, the reality escapists. They could be sitting right next to you on your daily commute or across the table from you in the same office and you would never guess that they are addicts.

They won’t tell a soul about their guilty pleasure because it comes with a shame that overrides all efforts to seek help. Only the few break that mould. And it’s these few who have a positive story to share…

At 14, weed was so deeply etched in my system that I couldn’t focus without it.

Smoking outside of the UCKG HelpCentre one day is the best thing that ever happened to me. Someone invited me in and I was given real down-to-earth care for my well-being.

Soon the thought of weed disgusted me. Now I’m no longer addicted and I’ve just recently started my own business! My future looks brighter.

Shannon Burke

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