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January 13, 2016 

inHow much do we ever 
know about the people 
who help us to change our lives? We visit a therapist or psychologist, but rarely do we know their background. Here’s an introduction to the head of the addiction cleansing therapy movement here in the UK, helping you
to beat your addiction,
 just like he beat his
 own and changed
 his life.

The Local News: What was life like before you attended the HelpCentre?
Pr. Roland: Before I came to the UCKG HelpCentre, I suffered many misfortunes, the first one being me having to move out of my parent’s house because they were hit with bankruptcy. This left us with almost nothing. Living with my grandparents was the start of my unruly behaviour; although they gave me freedom to do whatever I wished, I began to take advantage of this by going clubbing and involving myself with bad company.

LN: How did you encounter addiction?
PR: I tasted alcohol for the first time from the age of 13. After that moment, I could not resist going out at the weekend without a drink in hand. And when I drank, I really drank.

I knew the name of every bottle of alcohol and every individual taste.

I also began working at this age, but only so that I could support my party expenditures, which was all that consumed my salary. Instead of living in the day, I was living the ‘nightlife’.

LN: Did friends ever influence your addiction or make it worse?
PR: The ‘friends’ that I had were not my friends because of who I was, but because of what I had and could give to them. I could be surrounded by people and still feel utterly alone. As a result of this, depression crept its way into my life making me look for ways to fill the empty void that I had inside.

LN: Did you have any relationships that were affected by your addiction?
PR: I started off by sleeping around with the goal of finding someone simply to be by my side. But my searching was in vain and only made matters worse. I could not stand to be alone, so instead of having a committed girlfriend, I would be with anyone who came my way! I became a hired dancer in nightclubs living a life of appearance during the day, and promiscuity during the night. There were mornings when I would wake up wishing that I could erase everything that I had done the night before, as shame would take over me by just remembering what had occurred.

LN: So how did everything change?
PR: I found the light at what seemed to be the end of the tunnel by coming to the UCKG HelpCentre, where I discovered that I could have a second chance at life again! All the mistakes I had made before could be erased for good, which is exactly what I needed, so the journey to my transformation began and I decided to surrender everything on the very first week that I arrived at the HelpCentre.

As a person removes the clothes that are dirty, takes a good shower and changes into clean clothes, that is exactly how I felt that day. The first day that I stepped into the HelpCentre, I knew something had changed.


LN: What was the result of attending the UCKG HelpCentre?
PR: My mind, behaviour and actions changed immediately. All the destructive desires I used to have left and I began to build a new life. I even went to a nightclub again and had a sip of alcohol, but the taste that had once been a sweet and pleasant flavour in my mouth, had now become something sickly and disgusting to me. I couldn’t stand it anymore! I felt like a fish out of its tank. The desire for alcohol had left me, and it was then that I knew I was finally free from the addiction.

I found freedom from my past and bad behaviour. I stopped living the nightlife and broke all ties with the negative company that I used to involve myself with. Each and every day, I was taught about faith and began to conquer in life.

I later got married and built a family of my own, filling the gaping hole that had once existed in my love life. Since then, I realised that I could help others who were just like me! Today, I find great pleasure in seeing other people’s lives change and knowing that I was part of it.

Pastor Roland Schlenker

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