I abandoned my addictions and regained my family

August 3, 2016 

inFrom a young age, Amador was already associated with the wrong crowd. “My life has always been hard since I was a child; I hung out with guys older than me and got involved with illegal activities with them.

I started smoking cigarettes and marijuana, drinking alcohol, and using drugs, and I found it difficult to stop. I tried all kinds of drugs, but I mainly consumed base paste. I robbed in order to sustain these addictions.”

The consequences of his actions soon became apparent both mentally and physically. “This lifestyle went on for 5 years. During this time, I put my life on the line and today I carry large scars because of fights.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 17.24.22“I wanted to change my life and tried many times to change these habits, but it seemed impossible. In an attempt to stop, I went to several rehabilitation centres, but it didn’t work; in fact, I became worse, as every time I left, I used to consume even more drugs.” The warm welcome of the UCKG HelpCentre opened his eyes to the distress he was causing upon himself. “When I was invited to the HelpCentre I learned to love myself as I am, and it was in this place I found true friends and received the guidance I needed.

“I started participating in the Sunday services and after each week I saw a difference in myself, all the sadness and heavy load I felt started disappearing, and the need to consume drugs left. I use to believe that I had no future, but now doors have been opened for me and I now have a good job.”

Today it is clear that Amador has dressed himself with a whole new mentality!

“My family is amazed with my changes; before they feared that my life meant that they would soon have to bury me, this shows how the family of an addicted person also suffers.

Normally the mother cries because you disappear for several days and she doesn’t know your whereabouts, whether she has to find you at the police station or if she will be called to recognise your body; however, today I am free from drugs and I have turned my life around.

I have peace, tranquillity and joy, I can talk about how I managed to overcome the difficulties and conquer things through my faith. I am very grateful for the support I received.


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