From deliquent teen on the streets to private university

June 29, 2016 

in2I had a different personality when I was around different people. My friends introduced me to pornography, resulting in a lack of  value for women. I was unemployed, full of anger problems, addicted and failing in my education.

in1I heard a hard-hitting message after attending my first meeting at the UCKG HelpCentre. Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t go back the next week and was attacked by a rival gang that same Sunday. I sent a message to my friends, and one of the people who received it was someone I used to have fights with in school, but had changed his life through the help of the HelpCentre. He invited me there, instead of looking for revenge. I went and made a decision to change my life. I cut off the people who were no good for me and put what I was learning into practice.

After many battles, I’ve had a complete transformation. I’m free from addictions. I was once working for two companies whilst still in college. I completed college with a distinction star and two distinctions, and started an apprenticeship in Sloane Square.

However, I am now studying in one of two private universities in the UK. My future is bright.

Eli Belmar

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