Could you rebuild your life in a year?

January 6, 2016 


If you could intentionally rebuild yourself to be a better person, would you?

If your answer is yes, then we are inviting you to join us for the year challenge starting from 3rd January 2016, where you will learn how to rebuild yourself.

There are various factors that can contribute to why we need to make a change in ourselves. If you realise you need to be rebuilt, it’s because your current self hasn’t been good enough.

So, what parts of you need to go?

In the depths of yourself, the undergrounds of your heart, you may find the worst contaminants: Pride, stubbornness,
selfishness, the habit of demanding perfection from your partner, grudges; a hardened, unyielding heart, traumas and bitterness. It’s these invisible bad roots that sustain bad behaviours “above ground”.

The visible attitudes are ones that harm yourself and people around you, such as addictions, outbursts of anger, criticism, hypersensitivity, harsh words; being too lazy to take care of yourself and the relationship; never apologising for your mistakes; acting emotionally cold or a very negative view of your own qualities and abilities. Whatever it is, it’s time to get to its root.

Here are five reasons why we encourage you to take up our challenge:

1. The beginning of a new year is ideal to make better decisions.
2. You acquire new and better habits that will make you a better person and add something better to your life.
3. Embracing a challenge helps you overcome the fear of failure.
4. You break free from being ‘average’.
5. You uncover unforeseen opportunities.

Are you up for it?


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