Behaviour is dictated by what the eyes see

June 29, 2016 


Give your brain an image, and it will use all its capacity to seize it. When your stomach realises that it’s hungry, your brain brings the image of the food that you want or what’s available at that moment. You then begin the process to search for that food, prepare it, digest it, and finally your hunger ceases. If that image had not been stored in a “database” in your mind, the place that collects all the images of food you’ve ever seen and tasted, you wouldn’t know how to deal with your hunger. This would also explain why you don’t have a desire to eat food you’ve never seen.

This illustrates how faith works. It follows the very same process. Faith sees what it wants through the eyes of the imagination.

Once this vision of faith is fixed in the mind, the person begins to unite his or her strength in order to pursue this. Attitude, challenges, boldness, sacrifices, changes in behaviour are all moved by the strength of that vision.

Everything in life first requires a vision, then an answer. When your vision changes, your behaviour will follow, because the vision dictates what you do.


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