A dream come true?

June 15, 2016 



Some of us never win anything in life, from raffles in school, to bingo at the community centre; but that doesn’t stop us from playing in the hope that one day we will strike gold and finally have our dream house, car, holiday, family, life etc. After all, those who have won are living the dream… right?

Betting shops can be found on almost every corner in this day and age, so it comes as no surprise that the average number of gamblers has risen exponentially in the last few years. Everyone wants to win BIG like the few we have
heard about, and this drive soon becomes an addiction trapping the person in a vicious cycle, as the majority of winners don’t quit whilst they are ahead, eventually losing it all. Others become a compulsive spender losing everything over a few years and returning back to their life as though nothing ever happened.

Evelyn Adams is one of the “lucky” ones who not only won the lottery once, but twice, each one just a year apart. But unfortunately she spent all her winnings in Atlantic City and now resides in a trailer park.

Those who have been less fortunate not to win have been known to develop a series of mental illnesses, all surrounding depression as the hope of winning drags them down, the person starts to associate the same outcome with other areas of their life, they tend to stop believing in themselves, thinking that their “bad luck” is linked with all the other areas of their life.

There are the few that have won and are now living in mansions in rich suburban areas, but they have also claimed that they are rejected by their new neighbours. One family in particular reporting that they had planned a house warming party and invited all their new neighbours but no one turned up, refusing to associate with “easy-money”.



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