Beating the impossible!


kevin2“My addiction, like that of many others, did not start as a necessity. It was born out of curiosity and then took over my entire life.

A little gamble here and there turned into a full-blown addiction. To calm my nerves, I moved on to smoking, and when nothing else worked, I started drinking.

I moved to the UK to create a better future for myself; however, things only got worse. I had easier access to my addictions and the thought of stopping seemed more and more impossible each day. Things went on like this for five years, and to make matters worse, I had over £3,000 of debt.

Thousands of negative thoughts would bombard my mind and make me feel so low about myself that for a few seconds ending my life didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

This was the story of my life until I came to the UCKG HelpCentre. I took part in a campaign and learnt to get rid of the old in exchange for the new.

After a few months of receiving daily advice and motivation, I was able to rebuild my life. Now I am happily married and I have an amazing son. I have a well-paid job and the best thing of all is that I am no longer addicted to gambling, smoking or drinking alcohol.

It took much perseverance, but nothing is impossible!”

Kevin Ramen

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