20 years on crack


jefressonA job opportunity and the chance to move abroad started off seemingly innocent, but it turned into a death trap; by the end of it, I was nothing more than a lifeless human being that was wasting away by the second.

Amidst the excitement of my new role and working for the rich and famous, I was led to explore the nightlife. Indulging in a world filled with drugs and drink made me feel as if I were on top the world.

But as quickly as that good feeling had come, it disappeared, and my life came crashing down. No longer was I a part of this world for the leisure; I was hooked. From cigarettes, I moved on to weed, and when that high wasn’t enough, crack became the newest addition to my list of addictions. That was the beginning of the end. The more time that passed, the deeper my addiction became. My siblings would lock the doors of their rooms, because my desperation for more crack led me to steal their valuables and resell them for drugs.

During one of my many sleepless nights, as I watched TV, I came across a channel where a man was telling a story of how he had managed to become someone I thought I could not: drug-free, and he had achieved that at the HelpCentre.

I felt useless, but when I went there, the adviser believed in me. I will never forget him. He looked after me more than my own father did and I was only motivated because of him. That was all I needed.

I slowly gained the strength to quit my addiction and make a new life for myself with what I learnt at the HelpCentre. Now I’m just like that man I first saw giving his testimony on TV about how he became drug-free, because I’ve achieved it too. I’m engaged to the love of my life and I have every reason to be happy.

Jefferson Oliveira

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