16 years and a £40,000 debt later…


aminataI worked extremely hard to earn my money but, as quickly as it came, it also went. I was losing so much but just couldn’t see it. I was lying to my family, borrowing money and selling valuables all just so I could cover the cost of playing the lottery. I was spending £200 a week on tickets; all the while the bills were pilling up.

This landed me a £40,000 debt that I had no clue how to clear. It’s only when I had discovered the extent that I had gone to cover it up, that I decided to seek help.

The Addiction Cleansing Therapy sessions at the UCKG HelpCentre provided that help. Each meeting was a step towards recovery, and it was paramount on breaking free. I took part faithfully and really pushed myself to the limit in order to see the results I wanted.

Soon my “luck” had run out. I no longer had the desire to play the lottery any more, and the HelpCentre even gave me guidance on how to clear my debt. And I did! I now look after my family and myself very well and have learnt how to manage my money.

Aminata Fofanah

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